Education is not about what to think but how to think and there from to bring forth rather than dump in. The KLE Society’s College of Science and Commerce, is committed to empowering the students by providing much needed knowledge as well as platform and make available himself able and capable human being. Therefore, the gamut of activities are undertaken by the students , for the students and to the students under the supervision of teachers and guidance of visionary leader Dr Prabhakar Kore supported by spirited team of Board of Management . The activities hone the skills of the learner and empower him to be ready to grasp the opportunity . Because learners are made know that time is like a river and hence one cannot touch the same water twice. The KLE College lays emphasis not only on curriculum but also prepares himself for the competitive examinations useful for professional courses and for the career development. KLE College is deeply concerned of needs of stake holders and hence willingness to grow together. We are aware that Interdependence is the sole criteria for the growth. Think right. Believe in self. Act fast but differently . It is the need of the hour. Helen Keller aptly declared “ life is a daring adventure or it is nothing”. Dare it and be a partner in centenary celebration of KLE . Growth is assured. Therefore, be ever open to learning. I take pride and pleasure in welcoming you to join the KLE parivar for Centenary Celebrations and continued growing.

Director, Dr. S. N. Shetti