To empower encourage and inspire by being the essential centre of the community.



  • The library is engaged in learning and discovery which act as essential participant in the educational community.
  • We develop organise and provide access to preserve materials to meet the needs of present and future generation of the students and scholars.
  • Nurture imagination, promote life long learning and enrich the community.



The library is the ‘heart’ of each academic institution and plays an important role in all academic the activities and, more so, in law institutions. KLE Society’s Law College Library, it was established in the year 2016. The Library Built-up area of 3050 sq.ft with ample space for storage of books and for reading purposes.

The library has been planned keeping in view the aims and objectives of the Law School, and is being operated by a team of professionally qualified library staff guided by the Library Council. We have well equipped library with several books, Articles, Journals and Magazines.



To provide an effective information service.

-To make available modern equipments for effective teaching, learning, research, acquisition of  additional Knowledge etc.

-To computerize legal information, storage, retrieval and dissemination.

-To make available information from various other libraries in and around.


Library Resources: 

Library resources include, a growing collection of 2263 (Books, Journals including Law Reports current and back volumes) covering a wide range of general and special subjects, comprising of textbooks, reference books and most leading newspapers and audiovisual resources to support this course. The various subjects like Law, International law, Constitutional and administrative law, military, tax, trade & industrial law, Social law, labour law, welfare, health, education, Criminal law, Private law (including Torts), Civil procedures & courts, Law of specific jurisdiction & other areas.


Library automation and services:

Kle Law library is automated with koha library software. Procurement, accession and issue is in the registers regularly and the same is in the Library software. The library has an open access system to facilitate readers to have easy access to the library resources. To assist the students and Research Scholars in locating literature as well as information in their areas of research, general references, current awareness and computerized catalogues have been introduced.                            


Special support for student and staff: 

1. An orientation programme is also organised for students to help them acquaint themselves with the library system and services and for enabling maximum utilisation of the available resources. We also have given location for each book to get it from library stack room. Library provides the user internet facility.

2. Library has started the new service of (sharing moot court info) in this services we collect and arrange the data of students who participated in the moot court competition. The information like data of participating student, the topic of competition, which books and other library materials they used from the library. This service will help freshers to easily approach the library and can get the idea about the library collection.

3. Also Library has started a service of content page information. Every month content pages of selected peer reviewed journals is published. This service helps the students and teachers for their projects assignment and research work and moot court competitions respectively.

4. Library provides internet access in library. We are having Wi-Fi connection in campus so user can have free access any time. 

5. Library has laptop connection point for users like teachers & students for which is usefull in their project purpose, presentation etc. in teaching and learning process.


E- Resources of library:

AIR online database it covers high court database, Supreme Court database, criminal law journal database, Privy Council.

Working hours:

Monday to Saturday – 8.30 am. To 4.30 pm.
Sundays and holidays – Library remains closed

Library Services:

  • Circulation Service on all 6 Days 
  • Reference / Extension Service 
  • New Arrival Display 
  • Awareness Programmes / Trainings 
  • Audio-Visual Service 
  • Book Exhibition 
  • Library Catalogue / OPAC 
  • CD-ROM Service 
  • Property counter
  • Laptop connecting area 
  • Big reading hall
  • Photocopying and scanning
  • News Paper Clipping Service
  • Internet Search
  • Database search
  • E-Journal Database Service


User Training and Orientation: The library conducts user training for students in their classrooms.

Book exhibitions: Library arranges Display of books on various themes such as Women’s Days also in college festivals. 


Journals and current & Back volume: 

1. All India Reporter

2. Supreme Court Cases

3. Indian Bar Review


Reports  (AIR):

  • AIR Accidental Claims And Compensation
  • AIR Cheque Dishonor Reports
  • AIR Civil Cases (Unreported Judgements)
  • AIR Law Lines
  • AIR Labour and Industrial Cases
  • All India Reporter
  • Arbitration Law Reporter
  • Criminal Law Journal

Daily basis newspaper:

  1. Times of India (English)
  2. The Hindu (English)
  3. Hindustan times (Unreported Judgements) (English)
  4. Economic times (English)
  5. Maharashtra times(Marathi)


List of cds/DVDs:

  1. Wharton’s law lexicon with exhaustive reference to Indian case law. with legal phrases and legal maxims.16th ed.- (01)
  2. All India reporters –  (04 cds and  4 DVDs )
  3. Financial management 10th ed.- (01)
  4. Financial management: text, problems and cases – (01)
  5. It’s raining black – (01)
  6. Criminal major acts – containing IPC Indian evidence act and code of criminal procedure
  7. up to act 13 of 2013- (01)


Library Collection Statistics:

  1. Total Books – 2263
  2. Donated books – 671
  3. Reports Journals Subscribed – 03 (Total volume 296)
  4. Reports Journals donated – 02
  5. Periodical Subscribed – 03 (Total volume 09)
  6. Newspapers Subscribed -05
  7. Databases Subscribed – 01 (AIR)

Library Rules and Regulations:

  • Students, staff and visitors shall sign in the register while entering the Library and students should possess identity card with them while using the Library.
  • Students, staff and visitors shall leave all their belongings at the property counter before entering the Library. No valuables should be left in the property counter.
  • Members are responsible for any damage caused by them to the Library property.
  • Silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the Library. Every one shall ensure that no reader is disturbed in his / her study by any act of his / her.
  • Using Cellular phones and audio instruments with or without speaker or headphone is strictly prohibited in the library premises.
  • Library borrower cards are not transferable. If the membership card (Library Card) is lost, the Librarian shall be informed immediately. duplicate card may be issued on payment of Rs.25/-.
  • Books borrowed for photocopying/ classroom reference should be returned within two hours and books borrowed for overnight study should be returned before 9:30 am of the next day.
  • All students are allowed to borrow only one book at a time for period of 7 days. There will be a fine of Rs. 5.00 per day after due date.
  • The physical condition of the book should be checked while checking out. Mutilation of pages, if found, is to be brought to the notice of the circulation in-charge.
  • Books Borrowed should be protected from RAIN, DUST, INSECT, etc
  • Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage library resources in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he will be charged the full replacement cost of the resource.
  • If an issued book is lost / damaged, it is to be either replaced with latest edition or pay the cost of the book after getting permission from the librarian.
  • Reference materials should not be taken outside the Library.
  • The Library reserves the right to call back any issued book/item at any time.
  • Library staff, with the permission of Principal, reserves the right to add, ignore and modify any of the above rules when necessary.